How the H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System Works

Help Your Patients Grasp Onto Life

The H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System stimulates the appropriate nerves and muscles of the forearm and hand to mimic natural electrical brain signals, enabling patients to grasp and release.

Using Precise Sequence FES

The system applies Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in a precise sequence to the paralyzed arm and hand muscles, allowing patients to open and close the hand.

H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System Components

The H200 Wireless System consists of three wireless components that make therapy in the clinic and integration into daily life easier.

H200 Hand Rehabilitation System Components1. Light Weight Orthosis
Wireless, lightweight, and comfortable, the Orthosis features five surface electrodes that are custom positioned on the forearm, providing constant contact for a reproducible response to stimulation for the greatest possible outcome. The orthosis features a microprocessor that sends electrical pulses to the muscles that control hand function.

2. Wireless Handheld Control Unit
The Control Unit features an intuitive user interface and large buttons, making it easy to operate. The display shows how long your patients have used the system, stimulation intensity level and exercise/activity mode. Plus, the wireless controller is convenient for the patient, as they can easily adjust parameters on the go and it can be carried discreetly in their pocket, bag or purse.

3. Clinician's Programmer
The Programmer utilizes an intuitive touch screen technology and audio feedback for easy programming and monitoring of patient usage and activity. The innovative software allows for tailored programs to support individual therapy goals.